The goal of faviconR is to provide some simple wrapper functions to the API. This allows you to create favicons for lots of different platforms from local or online images.


Currently, faviconR is only available from GitHub. To install, use the devtools or remotes packages:

# install.packages("devtools")
# devtools::install_github("ARawles/faviconR")
# install.packages("remotes")


The main function in the package is generate_favicon(). This function uses a number of helper functions to build your request, send it, and save the response:

convert_to_favicon(image = "",
                   save_loc = "C:/Users/me/Downloads",
                   favicon_design = build_favicon_design(ios = ios_helper(),
                                                         windows = windows_helper(),
                                                         firefox_app = firefox_app_helper(),
                                                         android_chrome = android_chrome_helper(),
                                                         safari_pinned_tab = safari_pinned_tab_helper(),
                                                         coast = coast_helper(),
                                                         open_graph = open_graph_helper(),
                                                         yandex_browser = yandex_browser_helper())

The favicon design can be customised for lots of different platforms. When specifying the properties for each platform, use the *_helper() functions to easily provide the required parameters. To exclude a platform, just set the parameter for that platform to NULL (e.g. yandex_browser = NULL).