This function helps with the creation of the list structure required to provide Windows-specific favicon parameters to the API. Further details can be found in the API documentation

  picture_aspect = c("no_change", "white_silhouette"),
  background_colour = NULL,
  assets = list(windows_80_ie_tile = FALSE, windows_10_ie_11_edge_tiles = list(small =
    FALSE, medium = TRUE, big = TRUE, rectange = FALSE)),
  existing_manifest = NULL,
  on_conflict = c("raise_error", "override", "keep_existing"),
  app_name = NULL



character; one of 'no_change' or 'white_silhouette'. 'no_change' leaves master picture as is, and 'white_silhouette' adds a white silhouette


list; embedded list for which icons to generate. List is made up of two entries; 'windows_80_ie_tile' which must be TRUE or FALSE. Second entry must be a list named 'windows_10_ie_11_edge_tiles' containing TRUE or FALSE values for each of 'small', 'medium', 'big', 'rectangle'


list; if there is an existing browserconfig.xml file then this can be passed via this parameter.


character; must be one of 'raise_error', 'override', or 'keep_existing' that defines what to do if the existing manifest contains entries that the API creates


character; when provided, this will be the app name used on the home screen caption instead of the page title


character; background color to apply as hex, or NULL for none