This function helps with the creation of the list structure required to provide Android Chrome-specific favicon parameters to the API. Further details can be found in the API documentation

  picture_aspect = c("no_change", "background_and_margin", "shadow"),
  margin = NULL,
  background_color = NULL,
  manifest = list(name = "", start_url = NULL, display = c("browser", "standalone"),
    orientation = c("portrait", "landscape"), theme_color = NULL, existing_manifest =
    NULL, on_conflict = c("raise_error", "override", "keep_existing")),
  assets = list(legacy_icon = FALSE, low_resolution_icons = FALSE)



character; one of 'no_change', 'background_and_margin' or 'shadow'. If 'background_and_margin', then background_color and margin parameters can be used


character; margin in pixels or percentage. only used if picture_aspect is 'background_and_margin'


character; hex color. Only used if picture_aspect is 'background_and_margin'


list; list of manifest details. Should be a named list containing name; the application name (this cannot be NULL), start_url; the page that's actually added to the homescreen, display; one of 'browser' where the page is opened in a new Chrome tab or 'standalone' where the website is treated like a new application, orientation; orientation to force the screen if display is standalone, theme_color; color applied to the app when susing task switcher, existing_manifest; if there an existing manifest, it can be provided here, and on_conflict; what to do when there's a conflict between the provided and generated manifest


list; list containing two TRUE/FALSE values: legacy_icon; whether to include a legacy icon, and low_resolution_icons; whether to include all documented icons or just recommended high res icons